Welcome to the new Absolve Wine Lounge

We’re happy to announce a new design of our website, Absolve Wine Lounge, Houston Wine Bar, which bears a responsive layout. Many, but not most, phones will present an intuitive flow to our menus and item listings. Desktops and larger tablets should see the expanded versions of the site.

Houston Wine Bar

Breathing Room

Overall the design gives more room to breathe and take in our recipe lists and wine menus. Navigational links and small animations around interactive elements indicate direction and flow of content, giving the user a sense of experience and guidance. Menus have been designed to be areas of exploration and digestion.

Social Media Impact

Our Social Media presence should grow. Menu Items are now donned with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ metadata treatments which give pop and focus to the delicious treats and fine wines we carry. Here’s a sample of what popular Social Network denizens can do:


We have a new Events Calendar that should enable our regulars and new patrons alike to search and organize their schedules around our live music and extra chill gatherings. It is highly customizable, presenting list views, day views, and full blown calendar views, by month, along with search capabilities, where any web surfer can explore our various artists, tags, and anticipated live shows.

Our Calendar exports to Apple’s iCal and integrates with your Google Calendar. Try it out!

Questions, Thoughts?

Our Contact page has a simple form to get in touch with us. If you want to find out where our House lives, check out the Google Map!